National Assembly Elected Members of Supreme Judicial Council of Assembly’s Quota

The election of the eleven members of Supreme Judicial Council by the National Assembly quota,  declared as “unprecedentedly transparent”, has finished with the expected distribution of the positions among the parliament parties in accordance with the scheme 5:2:2:1:1. In the new Supreme Judicial Council there will be 5 magistrates nominated by the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (CEDB), 2 by the Coalition for Bulgaria (CB), 2 by the Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF), 1 by Order, Law and Justice Party (OLJ) and 1 by Political Party Attack. Such a distribution of the quota, which relatively represents the importance of these political parties in the Parliament were predicted and commented by the media several days before the election itself.
There was neither debate on the presentations of the candidates’ conceptions, nor any questions by the members of Parliaments. The nominees also denied making any statements before the election.

The new members of the Supreme Court of Justice are: Vasil Petrov (nominated by MRF), Galina Karagiozova (CB), Dimitar Uzunov (OLJ), Karolina MIhailova (CEDB), Magdalena Prodanova (MRF), Maria Kuzmanova (CEDB), Nezabravka Stoeva (CB), Svetla Petkova (CEDB), Sonya Naidenova (CEDB), Yuliana Koleva (CEDB) and Yasen Todorov (PP Attack).

The majority of the National Assembly members dismissed the nominees of the ex-constitutional judge Vladislav Slavov and the National Investigation Service’ex-director Boyko Rashkov. Judge Nadya Pelovska, nominated by MP Georgi Bozhinov (CB) and supported by several civic organizations, also was not among the elected.