Dnevnik.bg: Sotir Tsatsarov Nominated for Prosecutor General

Sotir Tsatsarov was nominated for the Prosecutor General post by seven members of the Supreme Judicial Council. Earlier the same day the election procedure was open and scandalous procedural rules were adopted.

The nomination was proposed by Mihail Kozharev, Yasen Todorov, Karolina Nedelcheva, Magdalena Lazarova-Prodanova, Sonya Naidenova, Svetla Petkova, and Galya Georgieva. The names of the nominators were disclosed by one of them, after firstly being kept secret by the SJC administration.

Mr. Tsatsarov is currently Chief Judge at the Plovdiv District Court. His nomination was anticipated, since a couple of months ago the Minister of Interior referred to him as a “steady judge”.

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