The Judicial System Reform Must be Acknowledged From Within the System

The judicial system reform must be acknowledged from within the system, said Minister of Justice Diana Kovacheva in front of the participants in the conference “Business ethics: main principle of sustainable business environment”. “When considering values, reforms, sustainability of reforms, we should be aware that no reform or initiative could be successful unless acknowledged from within by those who are to be its motive power,” states the Minister.

Ms. Kovacheva pointed out that the Ministry’s management is discussing proposals for legislation amendments with representatives of the business. The introduction of a website against property fraud is the business’s idea.

The site will be represented this coming Wednesday. It will provide information in three languages as to the means of obtaining property in Bulgaria so that the purchasers would not be deceived. They would also be able to submit questions in three languages and receive competent responses within 24 hours. This is how the institutions are lending a helping hand to the business.

The Minister also informed that commencing December 1, the owner of a company would have an opportunity to be notified via SMS of any changes in its status in the Commercial Register. In this way manipulation and company theft would be prevented.

The Ministry of Justice suggests that e-justice be part of the amendments to be proposed to the Parliament at the beginning of next year.

Source: Official website of the Ministry of Justice (in BG) 

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