Analysis, Reports and Publications

(Summary) High-Level Public Appointments in the Executive Power in Bulgaria. Analysis of the normative framework and institutional practice of the appointment of managers of structures in public administration (2022)

The Publics’ View On To The Profile Of The Next President Of The Supreme Court Of Cassation (2021)

Current Political Situation in Bulgaria and the Risk of Constitutional Crisis - facts and prognoses (2021)

(Summary) Transparency and effectiveness of public spending to address COVID-19 in Bulgaria. Corruption risks and measures in the fight against the pandemic. (2021)

Reporting breaches/misconduct and corruption in Bulgaria. Legal framework. Whistleblowing and reporting breaches/misconduct - similarities and differences (2021)

Public attitudes to corruption in the workplace (2021)

Remunerations in the judiciary. Evaluation and analysis of the current frame and practice for determining of the main and supplementary remuneration of magistrates in Bulgaria. (Summary) March, 2021

Abuse of State Resources for Party-Political and Electoral Purposes in Bulgaria (Summary) 17 November, 2020 

The State of Emergency in the Large Minority Neighborhoods in Bulgaria (Summary) 13 March - 13 May, 2020

Judicial System Act through the years (Summary) May 2020

Media monitoring 2 (Summary)

Media monitoring 1 (Summary)

Position of civic society organizations against attempts of political parties and their leaders to exercise pressure over the civil society October 2019

Represantative study on citizens' assessments and expectations towards the work of the Prosecutor General - February 2019

Summary of the application of Regulation (EC) No 44/2001 in Romania and Bulgaria in light of the CJEU caselaw. Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 – the road ahead

Assessment and expectations towards the professional organizations of magistrates (Excerpt of the "Attitudes of the magistrates on the judicial system reforms" study)

Attitudes of the magistrates on the judicial system reforms in Bulgaria (May-June 2016) (short resume)

Attitudes of the magistrates on the judicial system reforms in Bulgaria (May-June 2016) (presentation)

Attitudes оf Prosecutors Towards the Reforms In the Prosecution Office And the Criminal Procedure:
1.Results of a national representative study among prosecutors of the regional, district and appellate prosecution offices;

2.Attitudes of Prosecutors for reforms in Prosecution and criminal proceedings (PPT).

Legal Education: Problematic Areas and Perspectives - 2009

The New Bar (bg)

Judicial reform challenges: another 20 years??? (bg)

Four goals for four years or: the government in a four-to-the-floor tact for the judicial reform (bg)

Especially for the specialized courts (bg)

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