President Plevneliev: I shall not let the Constitutional Court’s Reputation be questioned

Judges are called upon ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution and the president, as the nation’s unifier, shall not let the reputation of the Court, called to serve as a protector of the supreme law, be questioned, pointed out president Rosen Plevneliev on the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected Constitutional Court Justices. Bulgarian citizens and European institutions shall not have a shred of doubt as to the moral qualities of each and every of the Justices, the President explicitly stated as he left the ceremony after three of the four newly elected Justices sworn in the presence of the President, the Chairman of the Parliament and the Chief Judges of the Supreme Courts.

Rosen Plevneliev repeatedly emphasized that the Constitutional Court, which is the institution, most important to the foundations of democracy, shall harbor only the most prominent persons of merit. “The Constitutional Court’s reputation is of utmost importance to the state and democracy and is based upon the reputation of each of its members. Thus, I want to rest assured that each and any of them have unconditional and impeccable reputation”.
“I received a letter from the Prosecution’s office which makes me more convinced in my decision not to participate in the swearing-in of the last one of the new candidates. Moreover, that candidate themselves wished not to swear in until all circumstances concerning the signals and the information present be cleared out,” added the President.
“I consider it my duty not to allow the Constitutional court turn into a hostage of personal interests and people’s confidence in the institutions be undermined as it will have only negative consequences both within and outside the country”, said the President who congratulated the three sworn Justices.

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