Galya Gugusheva Withdrew Her Candidacy for a Constitutional Court Justice.

Galya Gugusheva withdrew her candidacy for a Constitutional Court Justice. Her decision was based on the leading parliamentary party’s statement that its members will not support her nomination and will not vote for her. The information was revealed by the opposition’s leader Emil Kabaivanov on a special conference on December 11, 2012. Mrs. Gugusheva sent a letter to the Parliament’s chairman stating that the main reason for her withdrawal is the breach of the Procedural rules for the nomination of candidacies, presentation and public promulgation of documents and hearing of candidates and preparation for the election of a judge at the Constitutional court of the Republic of Bulgaria from the quota of the National assembly in 2012. She points out that the signals against her and their unregulated publication have groundlessly caused irreparable damages to her authority as a person and as a prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the acting Prosecutor General ordered the Inspectorate with the Supreme Cassation Prosecution’s Office a full revision of Mrs. Gugusheva. The Revision shall include all data about Gugusheva and her family’s property status, as well as the suspicions for money laundering described in detail in one of the signals submitted to the Parliament next week.

On Wednesday (December 12) Galya Gugusheva appeared before the Ethical Committee of the Supreme Judicial Council accompanied by her elder son. The Committee’s chairman stated that probably on Monday disciplinary proceedings against Mrs. Gugusheva will be initiated. That is when the Committee’s official statement on the case will be ready.

Apart from that, the Committee on the prevention of conflicts of interest with the Supreme Judicial Council stated that Gugusheva has breached the Conflict of Interests Act omitting to declare that her son is a practicing attorney. 

Source: Legal world

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