Upcoming judicial elections:

The Supreme Judicial Council has announced some of the dates of head judicial elections in the system. April 18 is the date scheduled for hearing and interviews with the candidates for Presidents of Plovdiv Regional Court. Candidates are the current president of Plovdiv District Court – Veselin Hadjiev and judge Simeon Zahariev, who is part of the Plovdiv Regional Court, but seconded at Plovdiv Court of Appeal since July 2011. In the period from 2009 to 2011 he was Deputy President of the Plovdiv Regional Court. BILI is in the process of compiling profiles of both candidates.

As of to date, announced are the dates of hearings and interviews for the following contests:

District Prosecution Office Radnevo: 04/04/2013
Regional Prosecution Office Blagoevgrad: 11/04/2013
District Prosecution Office Sofia: 25/04/2013
District Prosecution Office Topolovgrad: 09/05/2013