More than 20 NGOs in a position to the Bulgarian MPs: DO NOT REPLACE THE JUDICIAL REFORM!

         BOYKO BORISSOV          

         OPEN LETTER


On May 26 there were introduced proposals for amendments in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria unprecedentedly signed by 132 MPs. For almost two months we have witnessed a professional and reasonable debate, all points of view were timely presented. During the last two weeks the debate has vanished and replaced by spurious political language and unreasonable statements.
There is absolutely no excuse for such behavior but the frenzied desire to sustain a condition, where the judiciary will continue to hang in the air, thus becoming vulnerable, dependant and easy to control. Furthermore, the proposed new project largely repeats the current one, but surrounds some of its key substantive proposals. These efforts aim to delay the entire process of judicial reform, its irreversibility, and to block the attempts to drill the current status quo.

All this comes at a time when the society has an exceptional will to see changes in the judiciary. Bulgarian citizens are finally beginning to understand the importance of having a truly independent Court and a reliable Prosecution Office. Obviously, the ones called upon to vote the amendments in the Constitution lack such will. On the contrary, it seems to be geared more to stop any attempt to break the pattern. That makes it so fierce and centralized.

Honorable Members of the parliament, this Parliament and this government began their term with a clear request that an in depth judicial reform is an absolute and uniting priority for all! Now it is time to prove your political responsibility, your courage and consciousness by voting in support of the first bill. Tomorrow is a test day not only before your voters and the people who have given such high confidence in you. Tomorrow is the test to your own conscience, both political and civil. Do not miss to prove that change is possible and you are the chosen and worthy ones to push it through!

July 23 2015       
    Access to Information Programme
    Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law
    Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives
    Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”
    Balkan Assist Association
    Centre for Inclusive Education
    Center for Independent Living
    Centre for Liberal Strategies
    Christan Takoff, LL.M.
    Civic Participation Forum – network of 120 civic organizations
    Consensus Association
    European Institute
    Human Rights Step by Step Association Varna
    Institute for Market Economics
    International Center for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations
    NGO Links
    Partnership in Action Association                                                                                  
    Public Policies Watchdog Forum
    Youth Alliance Varna      


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