Judicial Reform Index


The project is organized around the publication of the fourth edition of the Judicial Reform Index (JRI) for Bulgaria using the methodology developed by ABA ROLI. Nevertheless, it is focusing on three major issues: 1) sustainable judicial reform as a key challenge for the economic recovery of the country; 2) need for a coherent plan for the reform reflecting an overall consensus on the areas where the reform is most pertinent, and 3) the involvement of the business in judicial reform planning as the missing element in the reform process. With regard to the latter, the project is introducing a new tool – a tailor made sociological survey designed to measure the perceptions of the business for the judicial reform with a special accent on commercial and administrative court procedures.

Funding/ Support/Partner:

Grant agreement between the America for Bulgaria Foundation and BILI titled “Judicial Reform Index: Mapping Problems, Diagnosing Causes, Broadening Policy Debate”

Key events:

The conclusions and recommendations of the JRI 2010 will be discussed at a roll out conference in the months to come.

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