Sanctions for Court Presidents Who Do Not Ensure Equal Caseload of Judges

Administrative leaders in the judiciary who do not ensure equal caseload for all the judges in the respective courts shall be subject to disciplinary responsibility and sanctions.

In a separate legislative proposal the Bulgarian judges association introduced the idea to provide for a legal relation between the analysis of caseload in the judiciary and the administrative decisions of the Supreme judicial council under art. 30 (1, p.1-3) JSA. It is based on the necessity to analyze in detail the real situation in courts prior to opening any new positions or allocate any additional funds.
The procedures for appraisal and career advancement were also discussed and it was conceded that the vacant places shall be announced by subject. Mrs. Vulkova, the deputy minister of Justice, expressed her intention to provide guarantees for more predictability during the interview with the candidates and is looking forward to proposals in this respect. The examination of candidate’s professional qualities was agreed to be limited to particular acts.
The new JSA amendments related to career processes in the judiciary will be finalized in the end of October in order to enter in the agenda of the National assembly till the end of the year.

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