Dnevnik.bg: The New SJC Members Took Office Today

The new members of the Council officially took office today. To the newly elected 22 members were made following wishes: “justice, accountability, results and call for concentration on the urgent issues”.  The ceremony was held  at the Palace of Justice – “Solemn” hall. However, all judiciary members, deputies, special guests and journalists did not fill the whole hall.

“Today, the entire Bulgarian state is here to declare its trust and to wish you good luck. You will be making important decisions. I am wishing you to make these decisions not because of Brussels and not because of party subordinations, but for the justice in Bulgaria. From now on substantial will be not only the reform initiatives lasted for so many years. The recipe for success is hidden in one simple word – results in the name of society and results in state interest, because democracy in Bulgarian is function of your work…”, stated the President  Mr Rosen Plevneliev in his speech at the ceremony. 

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