The National Assembly Elected the New Constitutional Court Judges

Veneta Markovska and Anastas Anastasov are the newly elected members of the Constitutional Court of Republic of Bulgaria. Mr. Anastasov’s nomination was proposed by the leading party GERB, while Ms. Markovska was nominated by independent members of Parliament. 

Prior to the nominations Mr. Anastasov was deputy chairman of the National Assembly. Veneta Markovska, on the other hand, acted as a deputy Chief Justice at the Supreme Administrative Court and head of II Chamber of the Court.
However, a day before the vote, Olivier Bailly (EC spokesperson) stated that the EC was “concerned” about the reports that threw doubt on professional qualities of some of the nominees, accused of corruption and conflict of interest. Mr Bailly did not point out any names, but it came to judge Markovska.
The other candidates for the two vacancies were Ms. Ekaterina Mihailova, deputy Chairman of the 41st National Assembly, and Mrs. Tatyana Varbanova, judge at the Supreme Court of Cassation and head of division.