Having Ideas is What Matters, Not Being First

Candidate for Prosecutor General’s post Sotir Tsatsarov says he enters a competition with dignified contestants, which he hopes to remain fair. Commenting on the procedural rules, he says they do not necessarily predetermine who is to be elected, but what is rather more important are the candidates’ concepts and their ideas for a change.

Sharing his own ideas, Mr. Tsatsarov points out the Prosecution Office needs a breath of fresh air. The prosecutors, he says, need more freedom of thought and disposal of extrinsic tasks so that they could concentrate on the pretrial proceedings and the state’s presentation later on trial.

Asked about being the Minister of Interior’s favorite judge, Sotir Tsatsarov defines it as an artificial label. As for the conviction rate in his district he says the numbers are being manipulatively interpreted. He also states that judges in his court are all professionals who deserve to be treated with respect rather that associated with statistics. 

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