Dnevnik.bg: Petyr Stoyanov is Nominated for a Judge at the Constitutional Court

The Union of Democratic Forces proposed the former president of the Republic (1997 – 2002)  Petyr Stoyanov  for a justice at the Constitutional Court. The nomination is expected to complete the parliamentary quota after Ms Veneta Markovksa could not take office after her election by the National Assembly and the withdrawal of the President Rosen Plevneliev during the solemn ceremony.

Mr Stoyanov stated that he will consider the nomination during the next three days whether to accept or not.  He said that he needs this time to reconsider its commitments. Stoyanov refused to answer journalists' questions. 

Petyr Stoyanov is one of the founders of the Union of Democratic Forces in Plovdiv. In the summer of 1996 Stoyanov won the elections with 66% against Jelio Jelev. Не лост the next presidential vote against Georgi Parvanov. 

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