Mr. Sotir Tsatsarov Took Oath of Office as the New Prosecutor General

Former Head of the Regional Court in Plovdiv Mr. Sotir Tsatsarov took oath of office as the new Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Court House in Sofia.

Shortly after 12 o’clock he took the oath in the presence of the acting Prosecutor General Mr. Boiko Naidenov, former Prosecutor General Mr. Boris Veltchev, the Presidents of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court, members of the Supreme Judicial Council, journalists.

“I was moved by Mr. Tsatsarov’s invitation to be present on this special day, for this invitation is not customary and it gives me the opportunity to stand in front of you and say a few words”, said Boris Veltchev during the ceremony. “I have no intention to give advice to the Prosecutor General, but I wish that there as few scandals as possible. I am not optimistic that this wish may come true. However, I sincerely wish him so”, stated Mr. Veltchev
“I shall recommend to that Mr. Tsatsarov do something I didn’t manage to: finally try and explain to the society what is it that the Prosecutor General does”, he added.

“All present prosecutors shall stand behind him in the fight against crime”, promised Boiko Naidenov before giving the floor to Mr. Tsatsarov.

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