The Government Set a Three-year Deadline for the Implementation of E-justice

Last Thursday the government adopted legislative amendments in some acts, provisioning for a three-year deadline for the implementation of a system of the so-called electronic justice. 2016 at the latest citizens will have the opportunity to send crime signals electronically, summons will be sent via e-mail, judgments on civil cases will be serves as links.

Courts shall have to provide means for electronic fee payments, and state and municipality authorities will receive court documents on through electronic way.

The implementation of e-justice envisions the launch of a unified internet portal for services and a registry for end judicial and prosecution acts.

All this requires that the Judiciary System Act, the Code of Administrative Procedure, the Code of Civil Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure be amended, as well as the legislation regarding the electronic government and the electronic documents and signature.

The legal amendments set reflects on the work of magistrates as well. The government finally decided to address the heavy caseload problems of some courts and prosecution offices and showed will to introduce the term “reasonable norm of the caseload” into the Judiciary System Act. This aims at addressing the criticism of the European Commission in the last political report from July last year.

The norm of “reasonable” caseload of judges, prosecutors and investigators shall be finally determined by the Supreme Judicial Council.

The article (in Bulgarian)