24chasa.bg: Dimitur Tokushev Is The New Chair of the Constitutional Court

The 66 years old Dimitur Tokushev is the new Chair of the Constitutional Court. He was elected yesterday on a session where 7 of 12 judges voted in favor of his candidacy, where seven is the mandatory minimum of votes. The vote is secret. Blagovest Punev and Rumen Nenkov, who were mostly discussed for the office, received 2 votes each. One has voted for Canka Cankova.

The election is hold between all CC members, where each one receive a ballot with all names on it and marks the name of the colleague, he/she supports. There is no obstacle for a judge to vote for himself.

Dimitur Tokushev was appointed by the President Georgi Purvanov in 2006. He will be a Chair until 2015, when his 9 years mandate is ending. 

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