Bulgarian NGOs Boycott Talks with Parliament

14 leading Bulgarian NGOs have refused to discuss a reform of Bulgaria's Election Code with MPs, joining growing calls for a resignation pledge of Bulgarian PM Plamen Oresharski.

According to the organizations, election rules in Bulgaria do need a swift reform, but this must also include a commitment by those in power to step down, given the perception of widespread lack of trust on the part of citizens.

Since June 14, Bulgaria has been gripped by massive street protests against the Oresharski cabinet, which Wednesday faced off MPs and citizens.

Among the amendments proposed by NGO are an easing of requirements for the registering of non party affiliated MP candidates, the reintroduction of preferential voting, and stricter rules to ensure the fairness of the election process.

At the same time, many other NGOs, sending out over 100 representatives have chosen to consult with MPs on the electoral reform and are holding a sitting in Parliament Wednesday.

Source: The Sofia Morning News