Foundations to Enter the Trade Registry

The Minister of Justice, Zinaida Zlatanova, announced an idea that all legal entities enter the Trade Registry, and all registries be integrated within the Registry Agency.

“We are considering integrating all registries within the Registry Agency, including the non-for-profit associations. I think the Trade Registry has turned out to be an appropriate solution. I see that both lawyers and citizens are satisfied with the way it works and we have an idea to move all registries that the Ministry is keeping into the Registry Agency. You shall expect a legislative proposal in this regard until the end of the year”, says the Minister for Darik Radio. This shall also include foundations and associations, adds Mrs. Zlatanova.

Commenting on judicial reform and quality of justice, Mrs. Zlatanova points out that it is not normal to imply that the judiciary is the only one to have problems. “Bulgarian court is what it is. It corresponds to the quality of Bulgarian health care, education, police, universities, and all institutions that we as citizens have built and work in. Pointing at one system and observing its activity as if others are way better is unfair at least.”

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