Presidents of 4 Key Administrative Courts were Elected yesterday

Radostin Radkov and Plamen Gorelsky were the two candidates for the President Post of Administrative Court Sofia - city. 18 members of the SJC voted for judge Radkov and 1 for judge Gorelsky. Radkov received the evident support of the President of the Supreme Administrative Court - George Kolev. 
The new President of Administrative Court Veliko Turnovo is judge George Chemshirov, he was chosen before the former  Court President Mariana Lazarova-Kabakchieva. 
The candidates for the leader position of Administrative court Plovdiv were also two - judge Yanko Angelov and the former president George Petrov. George Petrov was elected for a new mandate as a President of Administrative court Plovdiv. 
The new President of Administrative court Burgas is Tanya Evtimova. She remained to be the only candidate for the post, because all other claimants suddenly withdrew their candidatures.
BILI prepared full and detailed profiles of all candidates. Profiles may be viewed on the Transparent Judicial Appointments Initiative website.

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