Hristo Ivanov: Judiciary needs a clear, consistent and reasoned policy

In an interview before the journalist Krasen Nikolov, attorney Hristo Ivanov discusses the amendments in the Judiciary System Act, the superficial changes in insignificant issues and the possibility of the current Supreme Judicial Council to elect the new Chief Prosecutor in Bulgaria. The mandate of  Mr. Boris Velchev expires on February 19, 2013. After the amendments voted in the National Assembly today, the election procedure shall start six months earlier. Moreover, the current Supreme Judicial Council, whose mandate expires on October 3, may initiate the procedure.

“Let’s face it, the status quo is an important element of the explanation why are we living in a such country and certainly there are people who have an interest in its preservation. Our judiciary needs a clear, consistent and reasoned policy. Everything else is irresponsible and leading to doubts.” 

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