20 minutes hearing time to be elected SJC member is unserious

It is unserious to provide only 20 minutes hearing time to the people to whom we will entrust the administration of the judiciary, stated Mr.Ivanov from the Bulgarian institute for legal initiatives and added that it is also unfair to the candidates themselves.
The legal committee is responsible for verifying that these people are the best to select, having no concerns that they have been subject to improper influences. The Venice Commission as a respectful body on the issues of democracy and the rule of law has often expressed its concern about the susceptibility of the parliamentary quota to illegitimate influence. The content and choice of questions and answers to be put forward during the hearing will be decisive for future assessments of the procedure.
Another striking fact is that there have been no clear rules on the elections of the SJC so far, with no arrangements on the presence of observers and filing documentation on the counting of votes. Mr.Ivanov welcomes the news that 70 out of 400 delegates united around the position that more efforts are needed towards adoption of such rules.

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