On the Misguided Standards and Profanation of the Bulgarian Institutions

In this article Hristo Ivanov is discussing the recent elections of justices at the Constitutional Court.

The unsuccessful attempt of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs to gloss over its failure to clarify the hovering doubts about the integrity of judge Veneta Markovska after she was elected as a member of the Constitutional Court, and the letter of the Chair of the Committee Mrs. Fidosova sent to the European Commission, confirmed two matters:

First, our governing authorities respond only to pressure from Brussels. Not one step have been taken without strong pressure to guarantee motivated and transparent appointments on key positions and the Rule of Law. Nor any step was brought to an end: at each stage, after being forced to change something in their past practices, the governing authorities announced it as a major success and triumph of their will for transparency and fight against corruption. Thereafter, they applied these reforms in a way that denied their meaning and showed will for sanctity of the status quo. In this sense, it will be difficult for the European commission to realize its intention to reduce the CVM reports for Bulgaria, as it is clear that there is still no independent and consistent willingness for reforms in the long run in Sofia.

Secondly, it became obvious that the Bulgarian institutions do not intend to adopt principles of anticorruption filtration with the high profile state appointments. Read the full article

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