The Next Collision - Prosecutor General

Mrs. Markovska found herself in a gap between the Supreme Administrative Court, the Supreme Judicial Council and the Constitutional Court. The destiny of the judicial seat she was rushing to, is now twisting in contradictory interpretations of how to return to the domain of the legal stability. 

The outcome of the crisis depends on our ability to continue asking questions. It is important to realize that the real endgame in the party with positions in the judiciary is the election of new Prosecutor General. He/She will determine what particular questions and how are they going to be asked. Or not. In this sense, the present crisis, along with the occlusion of  the election of Chief inspector at the Inspectorate to the Supreme Judicial Council, could be viewed as an attempt to defuse the accumulated tensions before proceeding to the most important step of preserving the status quo - the election of a Prosecutor General.

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