BILI Participates in a Supreme Judicial Council Working Group Meeting

Last Friday a second meeting of the Working group with the Supreme Judicial Council which shall draw up a medium-term human resources strategy was held.

Magistrates, statisticians, sociologists participated in the meeting. Presentations on different case-weighting systems and models were made by acting magistrates and NGO representatives.

A member of BILI’s team presented the US case-weighing model, stressing on the importance of accurate statistics and the key role of the time factor when determining case weights. Among the other presentations were one of the Spanish case-weighing model and some already being applied in Bulgarian courts methods.

The presentations were discussed in two sub-groups – one of judges and one of prosecutors and investigators. Until the end of February the statistical codes of the different types of cases will be updated. Based on the statistical data will be gathered. Using the results of the models which are already in function, until the end of March questionnaires for the definition of time estimates for the processing of the different case categories (civil, criminal, administrative, commerce) will prepared. The questionnaires will be filed by all judges in the country. The aim is that the questions be accurately formulated so that the results be as precise as possible. The analyses of the results will lay the basis for the arrangement of cases in group types.

More on the event on the SJC official website (in Bulgarian)