Yonko Grozev Holds a Lecture on Strategic Litigation

The lawyer Yonko Grozev held a lecture on Strategic litigation to third-year Law students from the Veliko Turnovo University "Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii" Faculty of Law. The training is part of the project Partnership for Roma Protection, Prevention and Promotion, implemented by the Bulgarian university in partnership with universities from Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.

Before the prospective lawyers Grozev clarified the objectives of strategic litigation – the opportunity to use courts for the achievement of a specific result outside the particular lawsuit as an attempt to change existing rules and practices. This type of litigation starts from the USA and the prerequisites for it are rooted in the equality between the judicial, legislative and executive powers as well as the usage of other than legal documentation, such as economic or sociological texts, etc.
An example was a lawsuit on women labour rights in which a Boston lawyer, Luis Brandice, presented medical data on the negative influence of long work hours on women and managed to convince the State of amending the general working time.

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