24 hour battle, unequal lobbying and a second round

As a result of a session which lasted 24 hours and in heavy arguments the delegates' assembly elected the six judges who would become the new members of the Supreme judicial council. At one side was the lobby around the chairs of the Supreme administrative court, Sofia appellate court and the district courts of Plovdiv and Varna (respectively Mr. Georgi Kolev, Veselin Pengezov, Sotir Tsatsarov and Vanuhi Arakelian). A different position was represented by the magistrates from the Bulgarian judges association.
Following the first round the only elected candidate was Mr. Kamen Ivanov from Sofia Appellate court who was claimed to be Mr.Pengezov's favourite. He received 244 out  of total of 426 votes.
In the second round there was a huge outflow of delegates (63 magistrates didn’t cast their votes the second time and 12 of the cast ballots were invalid), the requested number of elected members was filled by the following nominees: Mrs. Yulia Kovacheva  working in SAC but nominated by the judges from the courts in Kyustendil region; Mrs. Milka Itova from Sofia city court (close to Mr.Kolev); Mrs. Daniela Kostova from District court of Varna, Mrs. Galia Georgieva from the Appelate court of Plovdiv (coming from Mr. Tsatsarov circles) and the strongest candidate of the Bulgarian judges association – Mr.Kalin Kalpakchiev.
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