No Conflict Of Interest In Ms. Gugusheva's Case

Ms. Galya Gugusheva, an unsuccessful candidate for Constitutional Court Justice, was in no conflict of interest, found the Commission for prevention and ascertainment of conflict of interest.

Ms. Gugusheva withdrew her candidacy after a money-laundering signal which pointed out strange financial relations between her, her son Stefan Gugushev, attorney-at-law, and her mother Totka Ahchiyska.

Because of the scandal Ms. Gugusheva lost her position as a deputy chair of the Appellate Specialized Prosecution Office. Apart from that, criminal and tax investigation against her were initiated. The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) forwarded the case to its Ethics Committee. The members of the SJC found that she had not declared borrowing money from her son’s firm.

It’s an interesting fact that the Commission’s decision lacks any referrals as to the blanks in her declaration. The decision lists 18 firms, connected to Gugushev and Ahchiyska, for which it was found that they have never been parties on cases of the prosecutor (Gugusheva). The same was found about all attorneys at her son’s firm. Gugusheva commented that she is satisfied and awaits the conclusion of the tax investigation so this “terrible for me and my family situation” would end.

Source: (in Bulgarian)