Continuing Reform Policy Making


"Central Europe and  Eurasia Legal Initiative (CEELI) Legacy Work" was the initial start-up financial support for the newly established independent Bulgarian NGO - Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives (BILI). Organized in the form of a no cost extension, the grant was dedicated to both continuing the work of the ABA CEELI beyond its official close out in Bulgaria and sustain BILI as its legacy NGO. The extensive network, contacts and partnerships established through the years, were of particular advantage to the new organization. Furthermore, BILIs’ management was comprised of the senior Staff Attorneys with a long year experience in projects drafting and management.

At the same time the organization had to make the transition from a donor one providing financial assistance to Bulgarian NGOs to an entity looking for funding and applying for grants.

The main goals of the project are the following:

1. Strengthening professional development of attorneys;
2. Fostering cooperation between the local bar councils and with the SBC and Attorneys Training Center (ATC) respectively;
3. Upholding mediation as a legitimate dispute resolution option both outside of as well as within the framework of judicial litigation;
4. Strengthening public advocacy and capacity to promote adoption of legislative changes, such as promoting adoption of further changes in the legislation pertaining to attorneys, mediators and legal education.

Funding/ Support/ Partner:

Advocacy Subgrant between ABA CEELI & BILI for “CEELI Legacy Work”


In pursuing the main goals of the project BILI managed to strengthen and sustain the existence and operation of the Attorneys Training Center, some of the Legal clinics at the Law Faculties and some of the Mediation Centers.

Moreover, BILI successfully started the establishment of its own image and its own face as a non partisan NGO specialized in providing assistance and know-how on rule of law policy reforms.

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