May 2010 Visit

Kosovo delegates together with Mrs Daniela Dokovska Mr Trayan Markovski, Prof. Aleksandyr Djerov at the Supreme Bar council



In May 2010 BILI provided a Kosovo delegation of attorneys, appointed to draft and implement the framework of  a continuing legal education (CLE) model in Kosovo, with a four - day long training course and logistical arrangements aimed at introducing in a detailed manner the mandatory CLE models in Bulgaria. For this purpose an intense, tailor-made agenda was designed, in order to cover the whole spectrum of CLE providers in Bulgaria – public and private institutions; NGOs and business entities.

Funding/ Support/Partner:

World Learning Programme

Key events:

The delegation had the opportunity to meet with distinguished practitioners, professors and policy makers, exchange opinions, observe different structures of CLE programs and interact on both formal and informal level. Due to the well-balanced agenda of presentations, workshops and institutional visits, covering both practical and theoretical issues, the training turned out to be neither too complex, nor too easy for the participants, matching very accurately their training needs.


The whole training program was evaluated by the participants as very informative and well-balanced, in view of the practicality of the information offered, professionally structured, comprehensible and well-presented. During the training week the participants had the chance to obtain information and to generate initial ideas onf how to develop and implement a sustainable mandatory CLE (MCLE) model for attorneys, adequately corresponding to their needs and expectations. Returning toin Kosovo, they should be able to implement in a timely fashion the first-hand experience gained in Bulgaria into a MCLE model, matching the local resources and capacities. The delegates ended up the program well equipped with comparative information; practical solutions to the problems they have raised and  new partnerships established in the face of the Bulgarian counterparts and BILI.

New skills/ knowledge the participants gained from the program include but are not limited to:
• Detailed picture of the CLE model in Bulgaria;
• Types of CLE providers available (structure, funding, legal framework);
• Practical aspects of successful training course (number of participants, number of training hours, working materials, evaluation, etc);
• Strategy for establishing a working MCLE model for attorneys;
• Best practices and principals for managing a MCLE model for attorneys.


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